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        Remarkable Support. Fully understanding you shop needs is the first step in recommending the right system. Ask our lacquer specialist to suggest the best finishing system that is ideal for your shop applications. With M.L. Campbell, we are dedicated to providing you with superior products and services.
        Shop Support
        Shop Support Image Training Programs
We offer a rigorous training program that prepares lacquer specialists to analyze and recommend the right system for your shop needs.
Shop Consultants
Our well-trained lacquer specialists will come to your shop to personally demonstrate and spray M.L. Campbell wood finishes, and provide recommendations.
Color Matching
Custom color stain and pigmented finishes are available from our Color Studio with quick match turnaround time.
Quick Delivery
We stock an extensive product assortment and carry enough inventory to service large shops. You can count on M.L. Campbell products to be delivered quickly from our locations near you.

Sales Tools

Not only do we make it easy for shops to get your hands on the best quality products, we make it just as easy for you to sell those products to your customers. We provide shops with a wide range of marketing tools including product sell sheets, a 1,000+ Color Fan Deck and Designer Library, custom color samples and Stain Studio Color Selector. Our FINISH IN STYLE brochure applies our high-end multi-step wood finishing systems in five major categories of kitchen styles.

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